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Royal Adhesives & Sealants has been a market leader in butyl caulks, tapes and sealants for the Construction Market throughout our history. From sewer tapes and water stops to caulks and sealants, we have products for every construction market and project.

We work through a network of distribution partners and are supported by a research and development team in our dedicated technical centers. The R&D team at Royal have years of experience in formulating adhesives and sealants. We can develop custom formulations to meet your specific needs.

Royal is committed to extending the performance boundaries of our technologies and developing new products that offer the industry better options for cost-efficient, high value-in-use adhesives, sealants and tapes.

Acrylic Tape

AT-1, AT-2, AT-3, AT-4, AT-5 - More »

Butyl Tape

511: Black Butyl Sealant Tape with EPDM film backer
Adcoseal Butyl Flashing Tape
BCF-1: Butyl Coated Foam Tape - More »
BX-033: Black Butyl Sealant Tape
BX-301: Black Butyl Sealant Tape with Polyethylene film backer
D18-221: Butyl-based adhesive sealant tape, high shear
F-362B: White butyl tape
GT Series: Butyl Glazing Tapes - More »


B-100: Skinning Caulk, General Purpose
BP-030 Series: Non-skinning, gun grade sealant, low VOC
BP-300: Non-Skinning Caulk, NSF Certified
R-900: Gun Grade, Rubber Adhesive Sealant


HM-0107: Hot Melt Sealant


CP-100: Concrete Primer
MP-150: Metal Primer

Sewer Tape

ST-30: Premium Grade Butyl Sealant Tape for Precast Concrete
ST-30A: Premium Grade Butyl Sealant Tape for Precast Concrete, high compression
ST-50: Butyl Sealant Tape for Precast Concrete


EST-100: Eternaseal Sealant Tape - More »
Eternabond RoofSeal™ - More »
Eternabond RVSeal™ - More »
Eternabond Sealant Tape, Alumibond™ - More »
Eternabond Sealant Tape, DoubleStick™ - More »
Eternabond Sealant Tape, WebSeal® (Fabric Backer) - More »


BP-013: Trowel grade swellable sealant, hydration mastic


BX-043: Butyl-based Swellable Waterstop

For more information contact:
Gretchen R. Barr
Commercial Manager
Office: +1–517–841-7110




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