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Clifton® Aircraft & Marine Inflatable Adhesives

Royal's "Aerospace & Marine Inflatable Adhesives & Coatings Division" has an extensive line of products used in aerospace, marine and military applications. Our adhesives are used to fabricate various inflatables, such as whitewater rafts, rigid inflatable boats, evacuation slides, life rafts, life vests, emergency shelters, collapsible fuel and water tanks, and other specialty items as well. Royal supplies adhesives to bond Polyurethane, PVC, CSM (Hypalon™), Polychloroprene, Nitrile and other types of coated fabrics. We also have primers (tie coat) used to manufacture Polyurethane or PVC coated fabrics. These primers greatly enhance the adhesion of the subsequent top coat to the base cloth. Royal has extensive experience with fire retardant adhesives and coatings such as are used in various aerospace applications. These include radiant reflective aluminized coatings or light weight film/scrim laminating adhesives, as are used in aircraft insulation blanket fabrication.

Royal has an extensive line of adhesives and coatings, however, if there is an application that requires a modified product or new development, we have a full lab that provides formulating as part of our service. Royal also will provide products that have been modified to comply with the applicable environmental regulations and, may offer lower or No VOC, low HAP alternatives. We look forward to working with you to find the suitable adhesive or coating that meets the requirements of your application.

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Under no circumstance will Royal Adhesives & Sealants LLC. or its subsidiaries, the manufacturer, or the seller of its products be liable for incidental or consequential damages arising from the use of any of its products. Any damages in connection with the use of any of Royal's products by the buyer, seller, user or any other person are strictly limited to the purchase price of the product only. Customer accepts full responsibility. All installation guidelines must be followed. Refer to literature or call 574-246-5000 for installation guidelines.


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